Fun Ways to Get Healthier Hair

Isn’t it fun when your hair whips through the air while you run or when the wind sweeps your hair into the air when you walk down the street?  How much fun is it to create a gorgeous hairstyle for a special occasion or to try a new and fun haircut?  Healthy hair is great fun and does a lot for your overall look because you can wear your hair in different styles to compliment your natural face frame or you can make it clear what type of person you are through your hair.  It can be quite nerve wrecking when your hair suddenly starts falling, breaking or loses its shine and hair loss is one of the hardest health aspects to overcome since there can be so many causes for your hair to get damaged.   Bad hair can cause you to lose your self-confidence.  If you have bad hair then it is time to give these fun hair restoring techniques a try so you can once again enjoy life and look fantastic.

Fun Ways to Get Healthier Hair

Try all natural sulfate free shampoo

Just about all shampoo on the market contains sulfate and sulfate can cause your hair to fall out, thin or break.  That is because sulfate strips your hair of natural essential oils which causes your hair to become dry, thin and weak and because your hair lack’s essential oils, it also becomes sensitive to skin conditions and irritations.  Sulfate free shampoo might just be the answer you are looking for because this shampoo won’t just stop the falling out, it will also reverse the affects that other shampoos has on your hair so your hair will become a lot healthier.  You can check out this sulfate free shampoo list to view some of the best sulfate free shampoos on the market that will help you restore your hair to its former glory.

Wash with soft water

Hard water contains a lot of metals and natural elements that might cause damage to your scalp and hair.  Get a water softener and your hair will be softer and cleaner for longer and might just stop falling out.

Eat healthier meals

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies is fun and healthy.  When you eat healthier you can lose a lot of weight and you can boost your hair so you can fight of greys for much longer.

Take supplements

Hair supplements can also help you restore your hair because they are specially formulated to feed your hair follicles and boost your immune system.

Enjoy stress reduction techniques

Stress is terrible for your hair.  But luckily the stress reduction techniques are super fun.  You can try yoga classes, swim, enjoy dancing, go for therapy or take up a fun hobby to fight off stress.

Embrace natural hair

Hair dyes and curling products can damage your hair and scalp.  These hair styling techniques also consumes a lot of your time that you could have spent on family and friends.  Try to embrace naturally curly or greying hair and spend that time on friends and family instead so your hair can have a break and grow again.