Fun Ways to Exercise if You Hate Going to Gym

Exercise is extremely important for your physical and mental health. It releases the stress and anxiety to get rid of harmful toxins accumulated in your body.

Going to the gym every day and following the same workout routine can get very boring but this does not mean you leave the physical activity. Lack of physical activity might result in health problems eventually.

If you like to exercise but want to avert the typical gym routine, you have to change the way you think about exercise. As in saying goes, “change your thoughts and you change the World.” Any kind of physical activity can be considered as exercise. Some of the outstanding ways to avoid the gym and still doing exercise are:

Fun Ways to Exercise if You Hate Going to Gym

Fun Ways to Exercise if You Hate Going to Gym

Workout video game:

Believe it or not, several people like you find going to the gym very boring. For these folks, video games are created. These videos games are designed by well-known sports brands in collaboration with video game console companies. For instance, a Nike+kinect workout training video game is created for Xbox 360. Similarly, workout video games are available for Nintendo Wii and Sony play station three or four.

These video games consist of all body rigorous workouts that do not let you get bored with the workout and at the same time make you exercise each muscle in the body. You can choose the kind of workout you want to do and the difficulty level as well.


Cycling around the city can be a very fun activity and is a very good cardiovascular exercise. You can go on cycling trails or simply cycle around the city for a designated time and you get a workout for your body.

Another thing you can do to incorporate cycling into your daily life is you can avoid traveling by car as much as you can and use the cycle to go different places instead. You can go to work on cycle; you can leave a little early and do bicycling to work. This will keep you fresh all day long and you will inhale fresh morning air and stay fit.


Hiking is a goal-based activity. You have a goal to reach the end of the day due to which after completing your hike you get a certain sense of achievement. During hiking, you work out all of your body muscles.

Hiking can never be boring as you get to explore new places and things, thus, keeping a hiking trip with your friends once a week can be a very healthy activity.


Dancing is the perfect cardiovascular exercise. It assists in exercising your complete body and burn calories. Your whole body is exercised during dancing, and you get all sweaty.

Randomly putting on songs, after that dancing and jumping on it is not the proper way; you will get bored of it within a day or two. To make dancing a routine, you can take online dancing classes on your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. This will exercise your complete body as well as develop a new talent in your body.

You have to be careful while dancing, there have been tragedies with folks where they fall down while dancing and broke a bone or were injured very severely. Therefore, you should take safety precautions before you indulge in dancing.

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