Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home

Ok, we understand that “remodel and fun” are generally not words you see in the same sentence. However, your home doesn’t have to be a drab bane of your existence. You may not even need to remodel it. Perhaps you just need fun ways to decorate.

That’s why we have created this piece. We understand that work (and remodeling, redesigning, decorating, and the like could be considered work) is typically anything but fun. But these ideas will change your perspective. Trust us.

Have you ever considered an alternative to bathroom tiles? Well, now might be the time to step out of that box. You don’t have to use the traditional ceramic tiles in your bathroom, you can do something completely “fun” instead. Maybe you will even consider using shower panels. After all, they are easier to make fit, create less of a mess, and can be readily changed later on. But, to understand all the benefits you should totally follow the link we already provided. And if that’s not fun enough for you, these other suggestions will be.

Bathroom Tiles

Crazy Fun Décor for Your Home

It is our hope that some of the ideas we are about to present to you are completely new and mind blowing. We like the idea of being able to instill in you some concepts you had never previously considered. That’s fun for us and we are all about the pure fun on this site. So, check out this list of crazy fun décor for your home:

  1. Weather Vanes– Collecting antique weather vanes might seem like an odd hobby. However, some of them are uber cool and they make incredible wall hangings.
  2. Colors– As much as many of us are accustomed to our white, or off-white, walls, maybe it’s time to add some color to the mix. Consider a spring green, sky blue, or cotton candy pink. Pick a color that will make you smile every time you see it.
  3. A Tire Swing– Who says that you have to leave the tire swings outside? Why not hang one in the playroom, or a kid’s bedroom? And, if you’re really looking for fun, put one in the living room and watch TV while reliving your childhood.
  4. Pallet Walls– You know you have seen them all over Pinterest and Facebook. Creating a pallet wall gives a rustic feel to an otherwise modern or seemingly blah room. Besides, staining pallet boards can be kind of fun. Read this.
  5. Jewelry- You can totally put that gaudy costume jewelry on display. You may never wear it again, but it will look great around the neck of that deer hanging on the wall. Or, it could be cool framed against a collaged background.
  6. Minimalize– Sometimes less is more. Find really fun mismatched pieces of furniture that will serve their purpose but not break the bank. Go for the really wild patterns that make you grin. Who cares if they match? Learn more.
  7. Legos– You can add them to spaces that seem to serve no other purpose. Build up your own Lego walls, or make Lego art. The colorful tiles will draw attention for sure.
  8. Faces- Giant pictures of faces, are certainly giggle enticing. Not all the faces need to be human. Get some great shots of the family dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, or whatever pet you’ve got, and then blow it up on a frameless canvas.

There are so many other great ideas, but you’ll need to read this to get them all. Meanwhile, just look for the fun in life and let it decorate your experience.