Fun Ways to Create a Unique Wardrobe for Little Girls

One of the best things about raising a little girl is to dress them up in all sorts of gorgeous dresses, cute outfits and by accessorizing their outfits with plenty of beautiful bows and hair clips.  Shopping for your little girl sure is a lot of fun, especially since there are so many beautiful girls clothing on the market today.  But it can be tough for you to create a unique wardrobe style for your little girl when all commercial clothing seems a bit uniform in style and color. 

Here are a few tips to help you create a unique wardrobe for your little one so she can stand out from the crowd.

Shop from A Boutique

As long as you buy commercial you will only have what other moms have.  But when you buy from a terrific online boutique like Betty Lou Girls Boutique, you will get access to outfits that no other little girl in your region has.  These boutiques are stacked with lots of unique outfits, accessories and shoes that are gorgeous, cozy to wear and that allows your little girl to actually have fun, get messy and learn without having to worry about ruining her outfit.

Fun Ways to Create a Unique Wardrobe for Little Girls
Fun Ways to Create a Unique Wardrobe for Little Girls

Dip into the Boys Clothing Pool

Little girls can be just as messy as little boys and most available girls’ outfits are not suitable for outdoor play.  One wear could easily leave you with a ruined outfit and this is exactly where the boys clothing section can help out.  Boy’s shorts are usually more comfortable, darker in shade and tend to stay in good condition for much longer than those light colored fabric shorts and leggings available for girls.  So go ahead and scan the boy’s section for a few pairs of shorts or perhaps even a cameo shirt or two that you can girlify by adding a few cute accessories.

Give DIY Projects a Try

By making your own outfits and accessories you can save lots of money and you will be able to create looks that no other girl in your town or city has.  Lots of DIY projects are surprisingly easy.  Start making your own hair accessories and start looking for ways to customize shirts, shorts, and dresses.  Pinterest has heaps of terrific ideas that you can give a try.  Use these ideas and invest in some fabric paints, a sewing kit and start accessorizing outfits to make them more unique.

Work towards A Look

Don’t follow current fashion trends.  Instead, try to choose a unique look for your little girl.  There are various looks to consider such as a retro look with lots of lace fabrics and fluffy dresses, a boho or gypsy look with, the classic look, a French-inspired wardrobe and more.  When you work towards a specific clothing style you will be able to bring your girls identity out much sooner and she will also learn how to dress in a unique way that suits her personality.