Fun ways of choosing the right bar stools for your restaurant

Having bar stools in your restaurant is a great way of spicing up your space especially if it is a bar and restaurant or you just have a cocktail corner. The kind of furniture you have has a big influence on the vibe of your space. Even if everything else is right, without the right furniture you will not be able to get a balance. When it comes to the right bar stools for your space, it all depends on your tastes and preferences as well as your theme. If you are not sure of your style, you can look for bar stool ideas online.  Some of the things to keep in mind when looking for bar stools include: 

Strength and sturdiness 

The strength and sturdiness of a stool will determine how long it will last. The stool will be used by different people and some of them will be of significant weight. If it is sturdy enough, then it can support different kinds of weights in the long run. Investing in good quality furniture will give you value for money as it will last you a long time. 


When it comes to a bar stool, the height is very important. It all depends on the height of the surface you are planning to use the table on. You should, therefore, measure your counter height to know the right height for your bar stool. This will help you choose a stool that is too high or low for the counter. By analyzing the counter space, you will also be able to know how many bar stools you will need not to crowd the space considering a customer will need some elbow space. 


Different people have different styles depending on their tastes and preferences but all in al choose the right style. The right style will seamlessly match the other furniture and style of your space. The wrong style will throw the room off balance and make the space look funny. When it comes to style, the common ones are backless, swivel, upholstered and those that come with arms. Make sure you do a lot of research to get more inspiration. 


When choosing a bar stool, it should still allow one to have plenty of legroom so that the knees do not bump against the counter. That explains why most bar stools are about 9-12” from the countertop. 

Material used 

When it comes to the material used, there is no right or wrong. It all depends on your preferences. The common material used is metal, rattan, and wood. It is important to note that the type of material used will influence its quality and durability.  


The cost of the bar stool most of the time will be influenced by the material used and the quality. A sturdy bar stool will cost you more than its counterpart. Swivel bar stools also tend to cost higher because they are considered fancy.