Fun Things to do with Your Basement

Where is the least healthy place in your house? So long as you keep your bathrooms clean, the next space in line is probably the basement. It is there that we often find darkness and damp. This is a great place to grow mold and mildew. So, if you are looking to live a healthy life in your home, you might want to consider these fun things to do with your basement.

Most basements boast bare concrete floors. But, if you have already begun some work down there, and find that you have carpet, you might want to look into carpet repair & carpet restretching- just click here. This could be a cheaper venue than some of the other suggestions we are about to make. However, since we are looking for fun, healthier, ways to design your basement, you might want to consider our recommendations.

Fun Things to do with Your Basement

Creating an Enjoyable Basement Atmosphere

It is our hope that the process of creating these enjoyable basement atmospheres will be fun for you. However, we understand that some people don’t deem do-it-yourself work terribly entertaining. That is why we also decided to pick designs that were fun in and of them, if not completely beneficial to health. Here are our top basement design proposals:

Giant Playhouse– Imagine turning your basement into a totally kid focused and friendly space. You could create an entire playhouse within the walls of your underground area. They can be giant chalk boards or murals, and the flooring could be covered with mix and match carpet remnants offering a sort of Dr. Seussical presentation. Now that’s fun.

Game Room– Set it up as the ultimate man or woman cave. Add ping pong and pool tables. Design a separate bar area and a work out station. Then hang a giant big screen TV on one wall. You can work out, play games, and enjoy a drink all in the comfort of your own home. Check out these designs.

Hockey– This one is sure to spark the fun in your imagination. You can create your own indoor hockey rink. Create a floor that is similar to an air hockey table or use plastic ice. Buy some goals and some hockey sticks and bring on the competition. This will be a great opportunity to exercise and play with the kids. Learn more.

Pool- Yes, we have seen people turn their basements into indoor swimming pools. Imagine coming down the stairs and walking straight into your own secret oasis! The joy of swimming whenever you want in a temperature controlled space should be quite the catalyst for choosing to renovate the basement. Read more.

Concerts- Add sound proofing to your walls and once you have that carpet cleaned up, repaired, and restretched it will help muffle the sound. Then you can hold concerts in your basement or at the very least, invite the members of your band over for practice.

Legos and Brew– Incorporate tons of shelving to create an incredible amount of space to organize and store your Lego collection. Then, build a tasteful bar with places for all your distilling equipment. You can build incredible Lego cities while enjoying your own microbrewery.

Sure, some of these suggestions are not super healthy, but we are convinced that they would be a lot of fun!