Does kayaking make any contribution to your health?

When you are a person who is obsessed with water bodies, you try your best to experience all water-related adventures. They all are amusing. However, kayaking can bring excitement more than you can imagine. You get to experience a low-to-the-water view that gives you a really pleasant feeling. It can be an idyllic outing on some docile lake. Kayaks are very light and easy to transport crafts. This journey becomes even more delightful when it is leaving a positive impact on your health. It is a great exercise and here is what it does to your body:

Does kayaking make any contribution to your health?

Does kayaking make any contribution to your health?

Weight loss:

Kayaking can help you shed your extra pounds. When you have to move the kayak at 5 mph, it is going to take lots of your energy. 0.1 hp of efforts will burn about 400 calories per hour which is a lot. After that when you paddle for 3 to 4 hours, what do you think it’s going to take? This would result in burning 1600 calories. Losing weight now seems easy and fun, isn’t it?

Reduces stress:

Nature has some magic in it that gives you peace and relaxation. That scene of moving your boat through the water all by yourself is magnificent. Also, watching the different colors of nature, blue sky, greenery all around, grays, and browns give your mind positive vibes. Kayaking once in a while can reduce the stress and make you feel good and satisfied with your life.

Upper body workout:

Who says working out is no fun? It is when you are doing it with kayaking. Placing the paddle in water is going to engage every muscle in your upper body. Performing the good stroke also require effort and energy. Hours of kayaking may result in 1500 repetitions of upper body movements. This exercise would tone up all the muscles in the upper body. Kayaking can definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.

Mental health:

Harvard Health Publications report that aerobic exercises prompt the discharge of a brain chemical that helps to improve your mood. All you need to do is to take a break from your chaotic routine. Keep your depression and stress aside and go kayaking. Paddling is quite a relaxing workout. Plus, the water bodies and other beautiful surroundings can only leave a positive impact on your brain.

Ready to go?

Once you are convinced to try kayaking, now you need a kayak. You might not want your first time alone. Not a problem! Get a two-person kayak which is also known as a tandem kayak. In fact, cruising over a striking water body with a partner can double the fun. All the fun can sink in the water if you do not possess the best 2 person kayak. There are lots of things you need to take into account when doing the picking job. First of all, figure out the size and weight that is favorable for you.

Second, look for the best material. The weight of the kayak also depends on the material. If the construction is of fiberglass, the kayak will be lighter. On the other hand, the ones made with plastic are a lot heavier. Fiberglass is not very durable but they are efficient in the water. It’s you who has to decide. Construction features like Hatches, rudder, and the overall length of the boat also matter. It is operated by two individuals so the paddling skills also contribute. Sea kayaker mag has narrowed down the list of some top class tandem kayaks. Visit their page to find out.