CPAexcel vs. Becker Review: Which one is the Healthiest Way to Get Your CPA?

As everyone is preparing to study and sit for the CPA exam learns, the exam has never been more rigorous.  However, just because the test is difficult, that does not mean that your health and lifestyle should completely fall into disrepair during the months you are studying.  The trick to maintaining your health when studying for the CPA exam is to select a review course that is tailored to the modern student. This will not only decrease your stress when studying but with less stress, you can obtain your true score. Selecting your course is one of the most important decisions you will make in your early career. Thus, it is important that you consider all of the factors before you decide on which course to take. The course that causes the least amount of stress will certainly be the healthiest for you.

The Modern Bite-Sized CPAexcel Method

 In addition to offering more AICPA practice questions than any other available course, CPAexcel’s structure leads to a healthier study method. Unlike other courses, CPAexcel is a modern test that recognizes that long format lectures are an inefficient and ineffective method to study. Humans simply are not meant to sit down and concentrate deeply for hours on end. It is not a healthy way to work or study. CPAexcel breaks this mold and structures its course as shorter bite-sized lessons. This not only increases your ability to concentrate it helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle in this trying time. In fact, the published pass rate of CPAexcel demonstrates the effectiveness of the course. The confidence its students have before the exam also points to a much lower stress method of study, resulting in those high pass rates.


The Long Form Becker Method

Converse to CPAexcel’s new method designed to promote efficient learning and health, Becker relies on the traditional long format lectures. This method, of course, does not take into account any modern research about how individuals learn and how their health is impacted by additional stress. Indeed, studying for your CPA is difficult enough, and there is no reason to increase stress on yourself while you are studying. You need your mind and body as fit and healthy as possible before taking your CPA exam. The Becker method’s old fashion model just does not cut it in the modern internet age.
The truth is, when it comes to keeping yourself healthy during the stressful CPA, there is only one choice: CPAexcel.  It is the only course that encourages short lessons that decreases stress while maintaining a rigorous regimen.    In a competition between CPAexcel vs. Becker, CPAexcel wins by a knockout.