Cheap solutions to those warm summer nights


Summers are great as long as you are able to sleep peacefully at night. Summers start with an amazing news of vacations making us energetic and hopeful about an exciting holiday. The days are relatively longer and you can enjoy a good span of day light. It’s a good time for hikers, athletes and people who love water sports and travelling. After a super active day, we all expect a chilled, dark and peaceful night sleep. However, sometimes, we are unable to cope with hot night and end up tired and frustrated. Here are some cheap solutions to those warm summer nights.

Get the right ceiling fan

If you are having a ceiling fan as an alternative to air conditioner, do not worry. Make sure your ceiling fan is working fine and giving its 100% efficiency. Get it checked by an electrician to explore ways to increase its efficiency. Also, ensure that the position of ceiling fan is accurate and right above the bed. There is a variety of latest ceiling fans in the market with extraordinary features. You can explore them and find a fan that can help you sleep better without any interruption. If your ceiling fan is noisy, you must replace it, as it can frustrate you and disturb your sleep.

Replace the beddings

We all love polyester and satin with their glamorous and classic texture. However, save the class for winters and get cotton beddings for your warm nights. This will help you sleep better as air could pass through it.

Dampen the comforter

Before you sleep, you can dampen the cloth, comforter or sheet that you will cover yourself with. Your ceiling fan will keep it cool and you can enjoy a chilled happy night. Another creative way is to pack your sheets in a plastic bag and put them in freezer for few minutes prior sleeping. Take them out and sleep in them. You will feel as cool as cucumber.

Create a cross breeze

Do not rely on windows only for air passage. Open your door as well as windows to create a cross breeze. This will let you enjoy the nature’s way to chill you out in the mid night.

DIY Air conditioner

This is one of the coolest ways to sleep. Use a pedestrian fan and set it up with your bed direction. Place a table in from of it such that it surface becomes parallel to the fan. Place a shallow pot on the table and pour ice cubes in it. Now, when the air will blow through the ice cubes, you will feel like you are sleeping in an air conditioned room.

Try these tips out to stay cool in summers and enjoy this glorious time of the year.