Baby Bedroom Must Haves for Healthy Infant Sleeping

Babies need a lot of sleep to maintain good health and to grow properly.  Newborns need about 8 hours of sleep during the day and 8 ½ hours of sleep during night time to develop properly.  Between one and three months your baby will need about 7 – 5 hours of sleep time during the day and 8 – 9 hours of sleep during the night and between three and six months a baby needs 3 hours of sleep time during the day and about 11 hours of nap time during the night.  But getting a little one to sleep that much is no simple task, especially if your little one is sick, teething or simply hyper by nature.  The right gear can help both parents and babies enjoy much better sleep time and will improve the general functionality of a household as well.  Here is a list of baby bedroom must haves that every new parent should have for optimized baby health.

Baby Bedroom Must Haves for Healthy Infant Sleeping

Baby monitor

Baby monitors are a blessing to parents.  They can get a sneak peek of their little ones to see if they are still all right without having to enter the room and baby monitors have saved the lives of a lot of infants since their existence by alarming parents that something just isn’t right.  Baby Monitors Reviewed is a terrific review site where you can check out the best Types of Baby Monitor that you can get for your little one.  The reviews include information on what to look for when shopping for the best monitor as well as a list of top rated monitors and their benefits that you can check out right now.

Camping cot

Camping cots are considered to be much safer than traditional baby cribs because crib padding have been identified to be one of the major causes in infant deaths due to smothering.  Baby camping cots are mostly lined with a mesh that promotes breathing even though your little one gets pressed against the side of the cot.

Baby bedding

Less is more when it comes to preventing SIDS because with less bedding and padding the chances of smothering is greatly reduced.  Your baby bedding should consist only of a sheet and comforter so your little one can move around freely without being strangled.

Changing table

A changing table makes it much easier and quicker for moms and dads to do diaper changes during the night.


Nightlights are a must for three reasons;  Babies and especially toddlers feel a lot safer when they can see, the chances of waking your little one by switching a light on is reduced and nightlights are fantastic for checking on your baby to see if everything is still all right.

Baby mobile

Baby mobiles are fantastic for getting your little one to sleep and for keeping your baby distracted when it is nap time.

Rocking chair

You can choose to invest in a nice and cozy rocking chair so you can rock your baby to sleep yourself or a bouncing rocking chair to soothe baby to sleep while you catch up on other work.