Are Supplements Good for Your Health?

There have been many arguments about supplements and their benefits to health. There are some people that argue that supplements are not healthy. Well, for everything you need to know about supplements, you have to do your research to have your facts right. The truth is supplements are good for our health it just needs to be used in the right way. A supplement should not be used as a replacement of food, or substitute food group or a physical activity. As the name suggests, it should be able to supplement our diets so that it may function in an optimal way.  Some of the benefits of supplements include:

Helps the body to have the right amount of nutritional element or vitamin

As much we may get it all from our diets, sometimes the recommended amount is a lot which may be hard to get from the diet. A supplement is therefore a good way of getting the recommended amount of a certain nutritional element from the diet.

Are Supplements Good for Your Health?

Are Supplements Good for Your Health?

It I through supplements that we get minerals that some food lack especially foods grown using commercial agriculture techniques as commercial agriculture depletes the soil of important minerals.

Since most foods are transported for a long time and are stored for a long-term, they tend to lose their nutritional element especially vitamins and Supplements ensure that we are still able to get that.

Overcooking or wrong methods of cooking may make foods to lose their nutritional value and when we eat that food we do not get the nutritional value we should. Supplements help in filling the gap to ensure we get the right nutritional elements for our bodies.

Genetically modified food which is very common nowadays has lower nutritional value than food that is not genetically modified. A supplement is needed to make sure that the body is able to get what it is supposed to.

Bad eating habits and lack of a balanced diet makes it hard to get all the food groups from our diet.

Sedentary lifestyle as well as stress which is common for most Americans has led to poor digestion which has made it hard for the body to get all the nutritional elements from food.

There are some health and life conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding that may need a higher supply of a certain nutrient which may not be achievable through diet alone hence the need for supplements.

Due to climate change and increased environmental pollution, our bodies are pushed to use more nutrients than normal to get rid of the pollutants from our bodies and that has led to the increase need for those nutrients. That includes antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E.

From the reasons above and many more, it is clear that supplements are very important to our health that they have been thought to be. It is however important to do a research on a certain supplement before taking or following a doctor’s prescription.