Adopt This Fun Morning and Night Routine for Great Looking Skin

Your skin is one of the best features to work on if you want to improve your overall look. A great looking, healthy and glowing skin looks fantastic.  With good skin you can get by with minimal makeup, you always look great on photographs and you never have to worry about covering up marks.  But great skin is something that just doesn’t happen on its own.  It takes quite a lot of hard work to maintain a beautiful skin but with the right morning and night routine, you can enjoy soft, blemish-free and healthy skin permanently.

Adopt This Fun Morning and Night Routine for Great Looking Skin

Adopt This Fun Morning and Night Routine for Great Looking Skin

Your Morning Routine

You are likely going to wear makeup or at the very least some sunscreen on your face all day.  This means that you do need to spend a bit of time on your skin first thing in the morning.  Here is the best morning routine for skin that will look much better all day long;

Drink a glass of water – Before anything else – you need to drink some water.  Drinking water will kick-start your metabolism, wake you up and will hydrate your skin.

A good wash – The first step is to wash off all of those oils and greases your skin developed overnight.  Give your face a good wash by using lukewarm water.  Don’t use just any soap for your face.  Many soaps will dry out your skin or cause skin rashes.  Invest in a good facial wash.

Cleanse – Deep cleanse your face with a cleansing brush.  Electric cleansing brushes are the best because you can give your face a proper cleanse in just a few short minutes.  Pore cleansing is fantastic for reducing pore sizes, cleaning buildup and acne from your face and for a refreshing your skin.  Cleansing also stimulates blood circulation in your skin which assists with tissue regeneration.  Visit to find out more about the best cleansing brushes.

Splash with cold water – After cleansing, you should give your face a quick wash in cold water.  The cold water will close all your pores right up so your skin will look great.

Dark mark corrector – If you have dark marks on your face when you first need to apply this serum on these patches.  Correctors do wonders for your natural skin tone.

Moisturizer – Moisturizer comes before makeup.  These creams are packed with vitamins that need to be absorbed into your skin but be sure to invest in the right moisturizer for your skin type.

BB Cream – The moisturizer will make your BB Cream adhere to your skin much better and since these creams already have sunblock in them, this will be the final cream you need.  Dab more cream in areas where you need more concealment.

Set it – Set your BB Cream by using a setting powder or baby powder.  This will make your face look soft and will keep your face grease free.  You can apply another layer of powder later on if your face starts to look greasy again.

Evening Routine

Remember to drink lots of water during the day and start your evening routine with a good wash.  You can remove makeup with wet wipes or baby shampoo but be sure to remove everything so your face can breathe.

Cleanse – if you have time for cleansing or feel like you need one then do so.

Apply a mask – Apply a cosmetic or homemade face mask at least once a week.

Dark mark corrector – Dark mark correctors should be applied twice a day.

Moisturize – Those with normal or dry skin can apply more moisturizer.  Oily skin is best left as is for the rest of the night.