8 Huge Health Benefits of Cuddling Babies

By no you are probably overwhelmed by all the ‘advice’ other parents and grandparents dish your way about caring for your new baby.  One of the most annoying and probably dangerous pieces of advice you will get is not to hold your baby too much because you might end up spoiling him or her.  Yes, little ones do need to explore on their own too but cuddling has some huge health benefits to both mother and baby.  In fact studies have proven that cuddling is essential for raising your little one for all of the following reasons.

8 Huge Health Benefits of Cuddling Babies

  1. Cuddling improves neurodevelopment

Babies depend on cuddling to develop.  The cuddling sensation boosts neurodevelopment so babies can grow and develop faster.

  1. Cuddling results in a higher IQ level

All parents burst with pride when their children do well in school and cuddling have been linked to brain development. Cuddling and breastfeeding can boost your child’s general IQ levels much more than you might think.

  1. Cuddling reduces your babies stress and aggression levels

Naturally your child feels a lot safer, more loved and happier when you hold and snuggle with him or her.  It is also much less stressful for babies to fall asleep while being cuddled as opposed to crying themselves to sleep and cuddling can even result in long term reduced stress and aggression levels.

  1. Skin to skin increases breastfeeding success

Skin to skin contact and lots of cuddling also boosts breastfeeding success because mom and baby are united more, they understand each other’s needs better and there is much more opportunity for feeding.

  1. Reduced pain during medical procedures for baby

Studies done on premature babies have found that preemies that were used to a lot of touch reacted much better to painful medical procedures than those that were mostly untouched.

  1. Cuddling baby affects your fertility

Cuddling also postpones your fertility for longer because it affects your hormones and can prevent mom from getting pregnant too soon.

  1. Boost in oxytocin hormones in both babies and mothers

Oxytocin is also called your ‘happy hormone’ and is boosted between mothers and babies when they spend a lot of time together and have a lot of close contact with one another.

  1. Skin to skin have saved tiny lives before

Skin to skin contact has had some pretty miraculous results for many preemies and even saved the lives of a lot of tiny babies before.

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