8 Healthy Activities to Enjoy On Your Playa Del Carmen Holiday

A holiday in Playa del Carmen in Mexico is a wonderful choice if you love to enjoy plenty of healthy activities during your vacation.  It is great for your health to fit in as many new and exciting adventures into your trip as possible.  New adventures are incredibly educational, they do wonders for your personal development and self-esteem and being active during your vacation is superb for a healthy heart and body.  Plenty of travelers love to visit the city of Playa Del Carmen for a holiday because this city next to the Caribbean Sea is packed with all types of wonderful activities to enjoy and the sights are absolutely breathtaking.  The seafood is amazing because every sea platter served in this city is incredibly fresh since fishermen are constantly supplying restaurants with all their latest catches.    Here are a few of the best health activities to enjoy on your trip to this exciting vacation spot.

8 Healthy Activities to Enjoy On Your Playa Del Carmen Holiday

8 Healthy Activities to Enjoy On Your Playa Del Carmen Holiday

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing in Playa Del Carmen is an absolute must.  Skilled charterers will supply you with everything you need from bait to fishing gear if you choose the activity.  Trying to catch a big Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo or tuna is very exciting and the action is great for your health.

Bottom fishing

Bottom fishing is preferred by most adventurous tourists because you have a 95% chance of getting at least a catch during your trip.


Snorkeling gives you a good full body workout and Cozumel’s Marina Park Reefs is incredible. The reefs are rich in a great variety of fish species, corals and other sea creatures that will take your breath away.

Explore the beach

Taking long walks on the beach and frequent swims in the sea are also great for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Xcaret Eco Theme Park

Visiting this theme park will give you plenty of wonderful adventures in a single day.  Enjoy snorkeling, swim with the dolphins, check out some underground rivers and so much more.  A trip to this park is bound to help you shake a few pounds on your trip.

Chichen Itza Private Tour

Enjoy this wonderful tour during your holiday.  The tour includes plenty of wonderful sights to see, the historical buildings are amazing and you will learn heaps about ancient cultures.

Crystal Caves underground tour

If you want to experience something truly unique then you simply must visit the Crystal Caves.  Long walks in these natural phenomena are great for your health and the sights are absolutely amazing.

Enjoy extreme sports

There are plenty of extreme sports activities to include in your trip.  Rent a jungle buggy and take on an adventurous trip into the Riviera Maya woods, get a quad and explore the Tulum ruins while you take on extreme routes or have a shot at a few jungle hiking journeys.

If you include some of these fun activities in your trip to Playa Del Carmen then this holiday will definitely be the one holiday where you won’t gain weight.   It is a fantastic place for people with a love of adventure and life.