Causes of Excess Facial Hair in Women

Facial hair in women is something that is normal, although it usually comes very lightly. If it grows darker or becomes more prominent, it could become embarrassing. There are many causes of facial hair growth in women, the most prominent one being that they contain higher levels of male hormones (androgens) in their bodies. The most common of these male hormones is testosterone, which is known to bring about the deepening of the voice, and the production of sperms. Women with higher levels of testosterone can experience an increase in their sex drives, affected menstrual cycles, and the production of excess facial and body hair.

Causes of Excess Facial Hair in Women

Causes of Excess Facial Hair in Women

Other causes of excessive facial hair in women

Although it happens in small number of cases, excess facial hair could also be caused by:

  • Medication like minoxidil, used for high blood pressure
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia – a hereditary condition which affects the adrenal glands (which produce sex hormones)
  • Cushing’s Syndrome or Acromegaly – rare hormonal disorders
  • Overweight or obese
  • Ovarian tumor

How can excess facial hair in women be treated?

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Bleaching
  • Hair removal creams
  • Electrolysis
  • Laser hair removal
  • Certain types of contraceptive pills

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal at Home: Top 5 Devices

We are now going to look at laser hair removal, focusing on Brazilian laser hair removal at home. There are many laser hair removal devices that can be found on the market, and it can become quite a challenge trying to figure out the one that will work best for you. In this segment, we are going to review the top five devices for you.

Silk’n SN-008 Flash & Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device

This is a compact cordless machine that is easy and comfortable to use. The FDA has clinically tested and approved it for use on the whole body. It comes with an instructional DVD for those that aren’t sure how to use it. When used the right way, the results are lasting. This device isn’t suitable for dark or heavily tanned skin, and it comes with a complexion sensor to monitor that. Results start showing after four treatments, and it is highly recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

This is a super simple to use machine that gives gentle but effective results for removal of bikini hair, with results visible after four treatments. This device is FDA tested and approved, and was designed in conjunction with top dermatologists. Eye protection is recommended when using this device.

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light Body Only Hair Removal System

This device comes with Gillette’s has a long history of expertise in hair removal. It is easy on the skin but the results are fast and long lasting. It has been extensively tested clinically and even comes with SensoAdapt technology that continuously measures skin tone, adjusting the pulses of the device for the best results. It also comes without extra costs for additional cartridges and gels.

CosBeauty IPL Permanent Hair Removal System

This is a clinically proven and FDA approved device that accurately melanin within the individual hair follicles to permanently slow or stop the regrowth of unwanted body hair. It features five different intensity settings and an in-built skin tone sensor. It isn’t suitable for heavily tanned or dark skin.

BoSidin Pro Light-Based Face and Body IPL Hair Removal System for Home Use

This unit comes with SHINE baldheaded technology, using a quality quartz lamp with an integrated UV filter and several filters. It comes with protective glasses and offers 5 intensity settings. For a whitening and smooth finish, this hair remover comes with a Yellow Tender Lamp. Treatment is visible after five treatments with long term results after seven to nine sessions.


Excess facial and body hair can be a cause of stress to many women, but that shouldn’t be such a big issue now that there are many ways to deal with it, some of which we have pointed out above. We have even reviewed some of the Brazilian laser hair removal devices that you might want to consider using.

Health Benefits of Drumming

There are many fun ways of being healthy apart from working out and maintaining a healthy diet.  Drumming is a great way of achieving your health goals while still having fun. The best part is that is can be done by anyone and from anywhere all you need to do is search for best beginner electronic drum set and get started. It is also a low impact exercise for those who have health conditions such as joint pains. Some of the other health benefits of drumming include:

Health Benefits of Drumming

Health Benefits of Drumming

Helps to alleviate stress

Most of the health conditions we get are normally associated with stress. Drumming is a great way of alleviating stress since it induces deep relaxation which is important for the wellbeing of the body and the mind.

Makes you happy

According to a research, those who participated in drumming were happier as compared to those that dint especially those that participated in drum circle or cardio drumming. This is due to the fact that drumming aids in the release of endorphins, enkephalins and alpha waves in the brain which makes you to feel good and takes you to euphoria.

Helps in control of chronic pain

If you are in chronic pain, drumming may be the solution for you. Not only because it is has a low impact exercised but also because it may be a good distraction from the pain. It aids and promotes the release of endorphins and endogenous opiates that act like the body’s own morphine like painkillers.

Boosts the immune system

According to a study, drumming helps in increasing the number of T cells which helps to combat many viruses that causes sickness and cancer. This in turn helps in boosting the immune system.

Improves your sense of connectedness

Apart from helping you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, drumming also helps you to connect with others who are like minded. It will also help you to connect to all the natural rhythm around us which rule us up to a certain level. Drumming creates rhythm which will help us connect to all other rhythm around us.

Alleviates negative feelings

Drumming itself is a form of self-expression which can help drum out negative feelings. Negative emotions are the reason for negative energy. Drumming can help in stimulating the mind and therapeutically heal emotions. It has been used as a therapy to those who have emotional trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder and has been very effective. It is a great way of achieving emotional health.

Drumming helps one to access higher power

Drumming has a way of producing a sense of spirituality which helps to integrate the body, mind and spirit. It increases the consciousness level of those that practice it and hence help them tap on to a higher power.

There are many more health benefits of drumming and thus if you are considering pursuing it as a hobby the truth is it is a worthwhile cause to try.…

A Guide to Healthy Cooking

We know you need recipes that fulfill your exclusive requirements of taste and health, yet are simple and sufficiently quick for a weeknight. So how would we do it? We swing to tricks and methods we’ve learned in the course of recent years, some from the culinary specialists and cookbook writers we work with, others created through loads of experimentation, to bring the best for you.

A Guide to Healthy Cooking

A Guide to Healthy Cooking

  1. Make rich dishes without the cream

Creamy sauces like those in fettuccine alfredo or homemade mac and cheese are frequently stacked with butter, heavy cream or even cheese. We suggest you to discard heavy cream and make creamy sauces with low-fat milk that is thickened with flour. To make your own particular cream substitute: Combine 1 glass low-fat milk with 4 teaspoons generally all-purpose flour; cook over medium health until percolating and thick. If you feel like there’s any clotting in the cream, you can always put the cream in the best stand mixer you can find to get that creamy, rich and smooth consistency. A jar of thickened low-fat milk saves more than 680 calories and 53 grams saturated fat versus heavy cream! For creamy plates of mixed greens, for example, potato servings of mixed greens, select low-fat mayonnaise and reduced fat or sour cream; a mix of the two tastes extraordinary. One tablespoon normal mayo has 90 calories and 10 grams fat versus 15 calories and 1 gram fat in low-fat mayo.

  1. Have a go at cooking with less oil

Extra virgin olive oil and canola oil are our go-to, heart-healthy oils for some recipes. Yet, despite everything they pack around 120 calories for each tablespoon, so we utilize them reasonably. Take a stab at adding less oil to your most loved sauté, plate of mixed greens or soup recipe. When cooking on the stovetop, cast-press, nonstick or veneer covered skillets and container let you utilize minimal measure of oil with almost no sticking at all.

  1. Get crispy food without the oil

Skip deep frying and try out this useful oven frying method: Dip chicken, fish or vegetables in milk, buttermilk or egg, dip in all-purpose flour or breadcrumbs, at that point coat with canola or olive oil cooking spray. Place on a wire rack set on a baking sheet and heat at 425° to 450°F until crispy.

  1. Amp up flavor without the salt shaker

The USDA prescribes constraining sodium utilization to under 2,300 mg (1 teaspoon salt) every day. Be that as it may, keeping inside that rule can be dubious regardless of whether you make the majority of your meals at home. Replace a portion of the additional salt in a formula with without sodium flavor enhancers like a press of lemon or lime as well as herbs. Watch out for sodium in comfort foods like canned juices, tomatoes and beans as well. Regularly there is a lower-sodium alternative accessible, so check the nourishment board to look among brands. Ensure that you make healthy choices whenever you can by doing proper research.…

Health Benefits of Fishing

Apart from getting fish, there are many other benefits of fishing. It is not only fun but is loaded with many health benefits. Isn’t it exciting to get something healthy while still get healthy while doing it and at the same time have fun? Good thing with fishing is that it is not limited as there are many types of fishing and many ways of doing it. You have an option of using a fishing charter or just going fishing your own way. Most people prefer fishing charters as they offer more options for example you can do bone fishing playa Del Carmen and have a great fishing experience.  Some of other reasons why you should try out fishing include:

Health Benefits of Fishing

Health Benefits of Fishing

Strengthens the immunity system

Fishing is a form of workout that helps to make the immune system strong. Since one is exposed to a lot of outdoors hence exposure to the sun, they get enough vitamin D which helps in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus in the body that aids in making the immunity system strong.

Great for cardiovascular health

Through fishing activities, one engages cardiovascular muscles which help in ensuring improved cardiovascular health. It also helps in burning of calories which helps in cardiovascular health. It can help one to burn up to 200 calories per hour though that will be influenced by the kind of fishing one does.

Great for improving balance

Fishing activities such as reeling and acrobatic maneuvers help in improving one’s balance.  Good balance is important since it helps in building core strength and flexibility which is great in alleviating back pain.

Reduces stress

Fishing just like any other form of exercise helps in reducing stress since it aids in the release of oxytocin which is a feel good hormone. Lack of stress promotes our wellbeing since it is the main culprit for many diseases.

Not only does fishing helps in alleviating stress but it also reduces the symptoms of PTSD which is post-traumatic stress disorder. According to a study that was done, it greatly helps to improve the mood and symptoms of those suffering from the same.

It helps you unplug

Fishing helps us disconnect from the world and get mental relaxation without necessarily doing much and that gives the same effect as meditation techniques. It is a great way to improve mood and wellbeing while at the same time enjoy outdoors.

Full body strength

Fishing helps to promote in building full body strength since it engages different body parts in workout. Not only are the cores and the muscles strengthened but also the body in general. This helps one to be strong and healthier in general.

Promotes family bonding

Nowadays the going is busy that people do not get the time to bond and families are falling apart because of that. Fishing is a great way to help your family to bond and that promotes the wellbeing of the family and can help one live longer according to research.…

How to Make Exercising at Home More Exciting

There are a lot of people who consider exercising as a chore. In the beginning, they are into it and they would be enthusiastic about doing the various exercises but as time passes by or as they get to their target weight, they end up finding the exercises as boring and a bit repetitive especially if they do not change up their routines.

People are recommended to exercise about 30 minutes every day. For people who are busy, they may exercise about 3 to 4 times a week. Any physical activity will be welcome in order to improve the body’s overall condition.

How to Make Exercising at Home More Exciting

How to Make Exercising at Home More Exciting

To exercise at home effectively, you need to know the best exercise bikes. Cycling is good for the health. You can burn about 600 calories in an hour. At the same time, you will be sweating a lot. This will help get rid of the toxins that may be in your system. The right exercise bike will help you out.

If you want to make exercising more fun for you, these are some of the things that you can do:

  1. You can exercise with someone else. Whether you are exercising with your partner, with another family member, or a friend, what matters is you are exercising with someone that you are comfortable with. You can do different exercises that you cannot do when you are alone. Exercising with someone else will also help you become more motivated.
  2. You can also do exercises without realizing that you are already exercising. For example, cleaning your home can already burn some calories. There are so many activities that you can do at home that will not feel like exercise. Even gardening will require you to burn some calories.
  3. You can give yourself a reward every time you exercise. What if you can place a dollar on a jar that will serve as your budget for your next upcoming trip? It will motivate you to exercise more. Just imagine, you will have a nice body on your next vacation.
  4. Have some applications that will motivate you to exercise more. There are some applications that will give you the motivation to do your best through the goals that will be set from day to day.
  5. Exercise with music. A lot of people do not have enough motivation to work out and exercise at home because they do not listen to music. Have a playlist ready that will have all of your favorite songs. You can choose upbeat songs that will motivate you to move around more. If you cannot think of the right songs to play, you can become inspired by the playlist that people post on their accounts.

Who says that you only need to go to the gym in order to watch your favorite shows and exercise at the same time? You can set up your exercise bike in the living room. This is better than staying in front of your television and eating while you watch television.…

Have Fun at the Beach

There are different things that you can do so that you can have fun at the beach but you may sometimes be so confused with the different options that you do not know what to do anymore. It is normal that you are going to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea but there are still a lot more things that you can do to make your beach activity more fun.

Have you ever considered kayaking at the beach? Some people can kayak to reach places that may be a bit hard to access by foot. For instance, you may want to go to a hidden lagoon that can only be accessed by kayaking, you can do it alone or with a partner. There are also some people who kayak in order to fish. Kayak fishing is completely normal and has been done by a lot of people for a long time. If you are going to bring your own equipment, make sure to check out this link: It will allow you to make the right choices to make your kayaking adventure more fun than before.

Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking Adventure

These are other things that you can do to enjoy your time at the beach further:

  1. Make sure that you will stay hydrated. A lot of people forget to drink their water while they are staying under the sun. Being under the sun can get you dehydrated very fast. Drink water whenever you can and you will feel comfortable enough to stay under the sun for a long time. You need to drink a gallon of water or more if you are going to stay under the sun for hours.
  2. You should always put on sunscreen. You want to achieve that perfect tan but you also want to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Wear sunscreen and reapply whenever you need to do so.
  3. Read a book. Is there a book that you have always wanted to read but had no time to read before? Now is the time for you to start reading. It will allow you to spend time with yourself – something that you may never get to do with the busy life that you lead. There are moments when you can be alone with yourself. You can go and have fun. Going to the beach will allow you to date yourself in style.
  4. Take a stroll by the water. When you walk, you are doing it slowly enough to appreciate all of the sights and sounds that you see. You can look at the beach, the other beach goers and all of the other activities that are happening around you. It will allow you to see things you may have missed if you were doing something else.
  5. You can plan the activities that you want to do ahead of time. Do you know the different things that you are supposed to do at the beach? You can follow your plan and make the most out of the vacation. It can be a fun experience you will treasure for a long time.

With all of these things in mind, you can surely have fun at the beach. Are you ready for your next beach vacation?…

Snorkeling As A Fun Way of Getting Healthy

Getting healthy does not have to be necessarily being boring, there are many fun ways of getting healthy.  You have fun but at the same time you achieve your health goals. One of the fun ways of getting healthy is through snorkeling. Snorkeling will help you explore the underwater world while not having to necessarily having to go under the water. Good thing is that you don’t have to be a proficient swimmer or go to the deep waters to enjoy the pleasures of snorkeling and you can also do it through a company such as snorkeling Cozumel. Some of the ways in which snorkeling can benefit your health includes:

Snorkeling As A Fun Way of Getting Healthy

Snorkeling As A Fun Way of Getting Healthy

Improved breathing: Through snorkeling, one is able to do breathing exercises and that helps to improve their breathing. The fact that when you snorkel you have to hold air in the water for a sustainable amount of time, it helps to improve your lung capacity. Through that snorkeling ensures that the body can be able to take in the maximal amount of oxygen.

Overall fitness:  Through snorkeling which is a way of swimming, one is able to engage all the body parts at the same time helping you to easily exercise all the body parts at the same time. Other than having to exercise one body part at a time, you get to exercise all and that helps to increase your muscle strength and endurance.

Weight loss: Snorkeling helps in weight loss since it helps in increasing the metabolic rate and helps in burning of calories. Burning calories helps one to lose weight. It is estimated that snorkeling can help in burning up to 300 calories an hour.

Cardiovascular health:  Snorkeling helps to improve the cardiovascular health and improve the heart conditions ensuring cardiovascular fitness. It increases the heart rate which helps in strengthening the heart muscle. It reduces the risks of heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and heart failure.

Muscle strengthening: Snorkeling is a great way of muscle strengthening and building. It will make sure that your body is well toned in addition to burning calories. For more muscle strengthening, it is advisable to snorkel without fins since you will have to use more energy to fight more resistance.

Joint mobility: Snorkeling has low impact on joints and hence it is good for those who have joint pain, stiffness or weight problems. It is a good alternative to other aerobic exercises that have high impact such as walking or jogging. The buoyancy of the water gives additional comfort for your joints.

Mental health: Snorkeling just like other forms of exercise aid in the release of oxytocin which is a feel good hormone and will help in keeping stress and anxiety at bay hence ensuring proper mental health.  Through snorkeling, one has controlled breathing, same as one in meditation that is meant to calm and relax the body.

Improved performance: Through snorkeling, you can get improved flexibility and endurance which will help in improving performance especially when it comes to aquatic sports.…

Follow These Steps To Improve Your Mental Health

A general taboo around mental health tends to prevent folks from seeking professional assistance. This results in their health deteriorating even further. It is, therefore essential to encourage those seeking help rather than make fun of them or be hostile towards them. Even if you are the victim, you need to know that your health is what matters the most. Forget about what others think. You need to work on making your life better.

How many days of the year do you feel blank, with no thoughts? Folks often associate depression with feeling sad. However, depression comes with a state of nothingness. You do not wish to die; you just want to stop existing. Even dying seems like a hassle to you. Well, there are numerous ways you can improve your mental health. You need to give yourself a break and start anew.

Follow These Steps To Improve Your Mental Health

Follow These Steps To Improve Your Mental Health

Better said than done? Well, we will show you how:

Go to a Doctor:

Well, it might seem like such an obvious tip. Nevertheless, it is the most neglected one. Folks generally think depression is a state and will wear off on its own. It should be noted that mental health issues are as serious as physical ones and require as much attention as their other counterpart. Talking to a therapist is underrated. Folks argue whoever got better just by talking. However, talking to someone, and letting all your feelings out to a professional, whom you know will not judge you is a relief.

They prescribe you pills, which most often think are a fraud. However, they do aid you in countless ways. They keep you sane and help get through your daily tasks. They will get you better in the long run. It is incredibly important to seek medical help.

Join a Support Group:

A support group of folks who suffered the same thing or gone through a trauma can help you immensely. Be around people trying to find the positivity in life, and those who show you how worse it could be for you. These individuals can be like family to you, as you will be assisting them in return. Talking to others who can relate to you can be freeing and relieving.

The support group, as its name suggests will support you while you go through a tough time. Knowing that there is someone who will be there for you can really help.

Go for a Vacation:

A vacation is a great way to refresh your mind and body. It can help you start anew! Vacationing with some friends is a great idea where you can enjoy their company and be surrounded by love and joy. You can go to a far-off place, doing fun activities like diving, snorkeling, skiing, swimming or hiking. Going out to enjoy all that nature must make you see how beautiful the world is and how great life can be.

Skiing can be great in the winters. You can visit any one of the hundreds of skiing lodges located in the mountains. The breathtaking view from the top will surely help you see the world in a new light. Hiking with your friends can be an incredible adventure that will renew your spirits. Think about it: Sitting with your friends roasting marshmallows by the fire you built together. Life does not get better than this!

Snorkeling is a fun activity as well. If you wish to snorkel Playa del Carmen is a great place to start. The site offers all the equipment and some fantastic snorkeling tours with breathtaking views. Therefore, head right over there and register for a quick getaway.…

8 Healthy Activities to Enjoy On Your Playa Del Carmen Holiday

A holiday in Playa del Carmen in Mexico is a wonderful choice if you love to enjoy plenty of healthy activities during your vacation.  It is great for your health to fit in as many new and exciting adventures into your trip as possible.  New adventures are incredibly educational, they do wonders for your personal development and self-esteem and being active during your vacation is superb for a healthy heart and body.  Plenty of travelers love to visit the city of Playa Del Carmen for a holiday because this city next to the Caribbean Sea is packed with all types of wonderful activities to enjoy and the sights are absolutely breathtaking.  The seafood is amazing because every sea platter served in this city is incredibly fresh since fishermen are constantly supplying restaurants with all their latest catches.    Here are a few of the best health activities to enjoy on your trip to this exciting vacation spot.

8 Healthy Activities to Enjoy On Your Playa Del Carmen Holiday

8 Healthy Activities to Enjoy On Your Playa Del Carmen Holiday

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing in Playa Del Carmen is an absolute must.  Skilled charterers will supply you with everything you need from bait to fishing gear if you choose the activity.  Trying to catch a big Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo or tuna is very exciting and the action is great for your health.

Bottom fishing

Bottom fishing is preferred by most adventurous tourists because you have a 95% chance of getting at least a catch during your trip.


Snorkeling gives you a good full body workout and Cozumel’s Marina Park Reefs is incredible. The reefs are rich in a great variety of fish species, corals and other sea creatures that will take your breath away.

Explore the beach

Taking long walks on the beach and frequent swims in the sea are also great for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Xcaret Eco Theme Park

Visiting this theme park will give you plenty of wonderful adventures in a single day.  Enjoy snorkeling, swim with the dolphins, check out some underground rivers and so much more.  A trip to this park is bound to help you shake a few pounds on your trip.

Chichen Itza Private Tour

Enjoy this wonderful tour during your holiday.  The tour includes plenty of wonderful sights to see, the historical buildings are amazing and you will learn heaps about ancient cultures.

Crystal Caves underground tour

If you want to experience something truly unique then you simply must visit the Crystal Caves.  Long walks in these natural phenomena are great for your health and the sights are absolutely amazing.

Enjoy extreme sports

There are plenty of extreme sports activities to include in your trip.  Rent a jungle buggy and take on an adventurous trip into the Riviera Maya woods, get a quad and explore the Tulum ruins while you take on extreme routes or have a shot at a few jungle hiking journeys.

If you include some of these fun activities in your trip to Playa Del Carmen then this holiday will definitely be the one holiday where you won’t gain weight.   It is a fantastic place for people with a love of adventure and life.…

Are Supplements Good for Your Health?

There have been many arguments about supplements and their benefits to health. There are some people that argue that supplements are not healthy. Well, for everything you need to know about supplements, you have to do your research to have your facts right. The truth is supplements are good for our health it just needs to be used in the right way. A supplement should not be used as a replacement of food, or substitute food group or a physical activity. As the name suggests, it should be able to supplement our diets so that it may function in an optimal way.  Some of the benefits of supplements include:

Helps the body to have the right amount of nutritional element or vitamin

As much we may get it all from our diets, sometimes the recommended amount is a lot which may be hard to get from the diet. A supplement is therefore a good way of getting the recommended amount of a certain nutritional element from the diet.

Are Supplements Good for Your Health?

Are Supplements Good for Your Health?

It I through supplements that we get minerals that some food lack especially foods grown using commercial agriculture techniques as commercial agriculture depletes the soil of important minerals.

Since most foods are transported for a long time and are stored for a long-term, they tend to lose their nutritional element especially vitamins and Supplements ensure that we are still able to get that.

Overcooking or wrong methods of cooking may make foods to lose their nutritional value and when we eat that food we do not get the nutritional value we should. Supplements help in filling the gap to ensure we get the right nutritional elements for our bodies.

Genetically modified food which is very common nowadays has lower nutritional value than food that is not genetically modified. A supplement is needed to make sure that the body is able to get what it is supposed to.

Bad eating habits and lack of a balanced diet makes it hard to get all the food groups from our diet.

Sedentary lifestyle as well as stress which is common for most Americans has led to poor digestion which has made it hard for the body to get all the nutritional elements from food.

There are some health and life conditions such as pregnancy and breastfeeding that may need a higher supply of a certain nutrient which may not be achievable through diet alone hence the need for supplements.

Due to climate change and increased environmental pollution, our bodies are pushed to use more nutrients than normal to get rid of the pollutants from our bodies and that has led to the increase need for those nutrients. That includes antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E.

From the reasons above and many more, it is clear that supplements are very important to our health that they have been thought to be. It is however important to do a research on a certain supplement before taking or following a doctor’s prescription.…