Get Healthy While Supporting Your Favorite Cause

If you are looking for fun ways to support your favorite cause or charity, consider adding an element of health to the mix.  Whether you favor a simple charity walk to support the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, 5K run to fight childhood hunger, or dance-a-thon to improve conditions at your local exercise shelter, exercise and giving often go hand in hand.  If you are interested in supporting a cause in a way that also allows you to focus on healthy, consider the following options.

Get Healthy While Supporting Your Favorite Cause

Charity Walks and Runs

Charity walks and runs are one of the most commonly used options for combining health and charitable giving.  Many are fairly easy to organize if the event will be held on a track, but may take some serious planning if you are looking to have the event take place within city streets.

Funds are raised through registration fees of participating individuals or teams.  In order to determine how many participants can be included, it is important to consider the size of your walking or running area, as well as any time restrictions that may be in place by the owner of the track, or set by the city.

Sponsors will be needed to help offset some of the costs, and may also provide valuable advertising connections within your community.  Additional support will be needed from volunteers, various law enforcement and safety organizations, as well as any representatives of the sites at which the events will take place.


Whether you prefer to dance the night away, bowl until you drop, or marathon a skateboarding event, holding these extended events doesn’t have to be a hassle.  The key to a successful dance-a-thon, or any other activity, is to secure a proper venue for the entire duration, and have the personnel and supplies to support it.

As with charity walks or runs, these events also raise funds through registration fees, as well as through pledges of support tied directly to a participant’s participation.  Additionally, food and beverage vendors can be selected with some, or all, proceeds being directed to the chosen charity.

Since many of these events are based on endurance, you may need a wider selection of volunteers in order to support the entire time period.  Sponsors are also helpful for these events, but you may not need to involve as many local governmental organizations if the activity is contained within a business.

Consider a Challenge

Challenge events often add a twist to the traditional exercise-oriented event paradigm.  For example, instead of hosting a traditional walk or run, consider a team event where one member must remain blindfolded and rely on the guidance of the other.

Fear related challenges have participants taking on anxiety inducing activities, such rappelling, zip lines, and obstacle courses.  These events take your event to the next level by offering something beyond the standard physical charity event.

These events can be based on team or individual participation, and can be adjusted to be appropriate for different age groups or experience levels. This allows you to customize your event into a family-friendly adventure, and adult team building exercise, or a unique individual experience.

With the number of charitable events that also focus on health and fitness, you are sure to find a perfect way to raise money for your cause.

Staying Healthy at Home

Who in this world, does not want to be fit and healthy? We all do! But only a few of us are willing to go so far to involve ourselves in regular physical activities. In addition to that, we are extremely lazy, making it impossible to take after any healthy eating lifestyle or workout schedule. This all prompts an awful health situation and creates numerous difficulties in our lives. Here are a few things you can do at the ease of your home, that can contribute towards your wellbeing.

Staying Healthy at Home

Begin Your Day with A Healthy and Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is the first feast of the day thus it ought to be nutritious and complete. You can have a dish of grain, and a few strawberries, with a glass of low fat milk for your daily breakfast. Sandwiches made using whole wheat bread, pasta, whole grain waffles, and yogurt with organic products, can likewise be solid breakfast choices.

A few of us, attempt to avoid their breakfast with a specific end goal to get more fit, which is a very bad habit. You ought to never skip your breakfast, as it would not just build the awful cholesterol levels of your blood, but would also have a negative impact on your insulin level.

Get Your Body Going by Indulging in at Least Fifty Minutes of Physical Activities Daily

In the event that you need to keep your body fit, then you ought to likewise keep it active. For this, you can undoubtedly incorporate 30 minutes of physical exercises in your every day schedule. This can be accomplished by brisk walking or jogging instead of taking a taxi or taxicab ride for heading off to wherever you plan to go.

You can likewise cycle your way to office or a companion’s place, if that spot is somewhat far. At whatever point you get a chance, try taking stairs instead of using the elevator – and walk whenever you have the chance to.

Put Together a Balanced Diet for Yourself

Balanced eating regimen is critical for a solid body. A few people prohibit themselves from specific nourishments, keeping in mind the end goal to stay fit or lose weight. However, you will be amazed to realize that you can eat practically everything, without getting fat, since, the amount matters the most. You can have anything, in limited amounts and abstain from indulging, however bear in mind to work out a little afterwards. Keep a regular check on your blood pressure, sugar levels, heartbeat, temperature, body fat etc. This can be easily done within the vicinity of your home by purchasing a few machines and apparatus. You might question yourself ‘what stethoscope should I buy’ – but the answers are all really simple.

Your suppers and snacks ought to be solid, and ready to satisfy all the wholesome necessities of your body. This implies your nourishment ought to contain enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugars, and even fats. The snacks that you take ought to ideally be sound, similar to, apple, whole wheat biscuits and veggies. Attempt to stay away from high calorie snacks, such as, potato chips and even cola.…

Fun Trivia to Get Your Brain Healthy

When you land on this site, Fun Ways to get Healthy, you probably expect some sort of exciting exercise routine. However, your body cannot be in optimal fitness if your brain is slacking. That’s why we determined it was time to get your brain active with some fun trivia.

Psychology today published an article entitled, Five Facts about Brain Health (you can read the whole article here). In this piece, Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD (the author) suggests that you should stay engaged in complex thinking tasks, keep learning, reasoning, and synthesizing information. So, in an effort to learn new things, we would like to introduce you to some trivia we are sure you never knew!

Crazy Trivia You Never Knew

We love learning new things and since we are trying to keep our brains healthy in a fun way, trivia seemed a great method. So we’ve compiled a list of things we feel certain will be surprisingly new and entertaining at the same time:

Fun Trivia to Get Your Brain Healthy

Military Trivia

  1. 169 pounds of marijuana and 306 pounds of cocaine are daily seized by the Coast Guard.
  2. The Pentagon spent more than the average American earns a year for every five seconds in Iraq in 2008.
  3. The A-Team is real. It’s a Special Forces subunit typically made up of 12 soldiers. And, Martin Chitwood (a prominent securities litigator) was the Commanding Officer of one such elite group.
  4. The Army National Guard was founded in 1636 and is one of the oldest military organizations worldwide.
  5. Otto Fuel powers the US Navy MK Heavyweight 48 torpedo. Otto fuel already contains combustion required oxygen. Learn about these weapons here.

Celebrity Trivia

  1. Martin Chitwood co-produced Unconquered a made for TV movie on CBS that aired in January of 1989.
  2. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer in a traveling circus when he was 15 years old.
  3. Steve Buscemi was a firefighter in New York City before making it big.
  4. Jerry Springer was once the Mayor of Cincinnati.
  5. Two scientific journals have published work by Natalie Portman.
  6. Woody Harrelson’s dad was a hired hitman, otherwise known as an assassin.

Read more of these by clicking this.

Vietnam War Trivia

  1. 64% of Americans in 1965 believed communism would spread if the US withdrew from Vietnam.
  2. Even though there were 15 years of action invested in the fighting in Vietnam, Congress never made a declaration of war.
  3. Martin Chitwood served in Vietnam and received awards for valor from South Vietnam and the US Department of the Army.
  4. College educated individuals weren’t the highest percentage of people protesting the occupation even though that is how it is commonly portrayed. Only 26% of them wanted troops out; whereas 41% of people with no more than an 8th grade education protested the occupation.
  5. Student deaths at Kent State University were attributed to the fault of the students in a 1970 Newsweek Poll. The results revealed that 58% of people questioned believed the students were at fault, as opposed to the 11% that blamed the National Guard. You can learn more about that tragedy here.

If you had fun with these pieces of trivia you’ll really enjoy this link to more unexpected and little know trivia.…

Unexpected Careers that Can Help Keep You Fit

When considering careers that may support your fitness goals, a few classic examples often come to mind.  This can include options like becoming a fitness instructor, a physical education teacher, or even a personal trainer, but that are not the only jobs whose physical component can help keep you fit.

If you are looking for a job that provides a built in way to stay fit without having to work in the fitness industry, consider the following opportunities.

Unexpected Careers that Can Help Keep You Fit

Like Kids, Consider Child Care

Child care can be a very physically demanding job.  Not only will you need to keep up with active toddlers, you will also need to take care of their needs throughout the day.  This may include lifting children into cribs or onto changing tables, assisting with food and snack preparations, and guiding them through various physical games or recess activities.

While the job may not be traditional seen as physical, the ability to participate in the kind of activities that can help keep you fit is high.  Depending on your location, you may have to pursue postsecondary education in order to qualify to work in the field.  Additionally, those providing home daycare services may need to be suitably licensed to do so, and may have to submit to home inspections to ensure the safety of the children in their care.

Like Dogs, Consider Being a Dog Walker or Shelter Employee

If you want to combine your love of man’s best friend with a profession that promotes fitness, becoming a dog walker may be the perfect combination.  Not only will the majority of your job be physical, as you must walk alongside the dogs as part of your job, it can be a particularly enjoyable way to stay active.

For communities that may not have as much of a call for dog walkers, getting a position with a local shelter may provide the same benefits.  Even though the dogs are in a shelter, which does not mean they don’t need regular exercise too.  This can include taking dogs on regular walks, playing fetch in a yard, and even participating in obedience training efforts.  Not only can you improve your fitness, and the fitness of the dog, but your work may help dogs in search of a new forever home become more adoptable.

Like People in General, Consider a Medical Career

A variety of medical professions have notable physical demands.  Whether you are assisting patients who are not very mobile, running between different sections in a hospital, or helping patients get set for x-rays, you are likely to spend the majority of the day on your feet.  You may also have to move heavy equipment and regularly carry large amounts of supplies.  If you are interested in a career, such as an x-ray technician, here is a solid resource.

Like Nature, Consider Becoming a Park Ranger

Many state, federal, and local governments hire employees for a variety of outdoor positions, such as being a park ranger.  While the amount of education or training may vary, it can be an ideal career path for someone who truly enjoys being out in nature, and you may even get to spend a significant amount of time on your feet moving through the park.

While these are not the only jobs that provide a workout, it does go to show that you do not have to restrict yourself to the fitness industry in order to have a physical job.…

How to Improve Your Oral Health

You may be having fun doing exercises and stuff that are making it easier for you to keep a toned and healthy body but you may focus all of your attention into doing these things that you already forget that you should also take care of your oral health.

There are some people who are obsessed about their teeth. They even try to find natural teeth whitening remedies so they will have whiter teeth that will go well with their skin tone. Some people just assume that white teeth is healthier than yellow teeth.

How to Improve Your Oral Health

One of the first things that notice about you when they see you is your teeth and the way that you smile. How can you let people know that you are having fun if you are not even making any effort to smile? There are a lot of problems that may stem from having unhealthy teeth but do not worry, there are some things that you can do to keep your teeth strong and healthy without making a lot of effort:

  • If you have children, it will be best to show your children good oral health while they are still young. They will not understand why they have to do it but if you would do it with them, they will be enthusiastic about it. Not only will you create good habits that they can follow, you will be improving your oral health in the process too.
  • Remember to brush your teeth twice a day. There was a time when people were recommended to brush three times a day but because the teeth also need protective coating in order to keep it healthy, doing it twice will be okay. Remember to choose soft bristles because this will be safer for your teeth.
  • Find toothpaste with the right amount of fluoride. There are a lot of dentists that would recommend that you get toothpaste with the right amount of fluoride protection but there are some that may have too much fluoride. Choosing the right toothpaste will make a lot of difference.
  • Do not forget to floss. There are a lot of people who do not see a reason to start flossing because they have already brushed their teeth. Flossing will get rid of bacteria and cavities that have gotten stuck in between the teeth. This will greatly improve your oral health.
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 months. After three months, your toothbrush will not be able to provide the amount of protection that your teeth needs. Choose the right toothbrush too because this can offer better oral health for your teeth.

There are many benefits that you can get when you have healthy teeth. You will be able to smile with ease. This will make you more approachable. Do you know that people who smile more have a better chance of getting what their hearts desire? You can get projects more and you will be granted more opportunities. Improve your oral health and you will not miss opportunities again. Feel free to share some more tips on how you can make your teeth naturally whiter.…

Jewelry Business for Mom

If you are a stay at home mom, no doubt you have looked at a vast number of home business ideas. You have certainly researched all the get rich quick schemes, and avon-esque multilevel marketing designs.

And, finding yourself completely dissatisfied with their mostly non-existent paychecks, you have almost given up the hope for starting your own company. In fact, you may have shelved that long held dream of opening your own jewelry business from home.


We would like to explain the steps necessary for you to run a very successful and enjoyable jewelry business. Costume jewelry is a big deal these days and if you can make a unique design, people will flock to you in droves. Just don’t expect that to happen tomorrow; you need some help and here it is.

Jewelry Business for Mom


Being your own boss offers a sense of fulfillment that working for “the man” can never allow. However, this doesn’t imply that the process is simple or that the money will come rushing in. But, if you are dedicated and you truly enjoy making jewelry this is a great business to invest in. Here are the steps to success:

  • Pricing- Picking the prices for your pieces is probably the most important step in your business’ beginnings. You must consider your target market. Where will you be selling your items and what clientele frequents those establishments? If you’re going with high end jewelry you don’t want to set up a booth at a flea market or church yard sales. You’ll need the big name craft and art shows. If you’re going with something more low key then by all means, get a booth at the local farmer’s market. Click this for pricing tips.
  • Social Media- Use it! Learn how to use the free social media outlets available (if you don’t know already). Most businesses post 2-3 times a day on social media. That constant activity is going to keep you and your jewelry at the forefront of potential customer thought. And, don’t forget to blog at least three times a week. You want frequent new content to keep people coming back to your website or Facebook page.
  • Be Patient- As much as you’d like to blow up like Origami Owl (read about them here), all good things come to those who wait.
  • Love It- If you do something you love, then even if it’s not a huge money maker you will find great joy in the process. Make something that brings you pleasure. Chances are, if you like it other people will too, especially if it’s unlike anything they can get anywhere else.

When you got the brilliant idea to start making your own jewelry maybe you envisioned hand crafted one of a kind pieces made on cnc milling machines. Perhaps you could see your carefully milled metal, wood and plastic pieces hanging in every fashion shop across the nation. That dream could be realized with a lot of hard work and significant amounts of marketing.

But you don’t have to be the next best-selling jewelry designer. It’s ok to simply enjoy what you do. No doubt there are tons of books written about doing what you enjoy and the money coming close behind. You can find some of them here, if you need additional inspiration to move forward with your dreams.…

Considering a New Exercise Partner? Follow These Tips

Sometimes, it is just more fun to work out with a friend.  In cases where a current friend or family member isn’t available, you may consider searching for someone who can turn in to the workout partner of your dreams.  In order to find the best exercise partner for your personality, and your needs, consider these questions to help you make a selection.

What exactly are you hoping for?

Are you looking for someone who you can run with, side-by-side, for miles a day?  Are you looking for someone to help keep you motivated while you work with free weights?  Do you want to work out with someone who is as into cheesy romantic comedies as you are so you can talk while you walk?

Understanding what sort of exercise partner you are looking for can help you streamline your search, especially if you have reaching specific realistic fitness goals in mind.  The kind of person who would make a great training partner for your first 5K may not be the best partner for someone who is looking to combine their work out time with a bit of socializing.

If you are looking to place an ad, say on your gym’s bulletin board or a wider classified ad site, being able to be specific can help speed the process up by ensuring everyone is on the same page before you begin.

Considering a New Exercise Partner

Have you checked their background?

If you are considering meeting someone new then it may be wise to do some checking into their background.  There are a variety of sites that can provide information, either for free or for a fee, and reliable reviews on each service are often readily available, such as  By looking for certain starting information, you can help increase the likelihood that the person you are considering truly is who they say they claim to be.

Do you have access to the same facilities?

While this may be less of an issue when you find your workout partner through a bulletin board in your gym, if you are searching through other means, it is important to find out if you both have (or are willing to get) access to all of the facilities you are hoping to use.  It won’t due either of you any good if you prefer to work inside a gym, but you both have memberships to different facilities and are not interested in making a change.

Not finding the right person?

If you can’t seem to locate the right person, consider a different approach.  If you have access to a gym, consider joining group classes for activities you enjoy.  Not only does this help you get a workout in, but it may introduce you to other people who have similar interests and fitness goals.  In some cases, participating in classes can substitute for a single workout partner, or it can help create new connections with people you may not have met otherwise.

If group classes aren’t your preferred workout method, consider joining a sports league or club.  Many areas have casual sports leagues, such as softball or bowling, or have a variety of running clubs.  You may be able to find out about these options through local gyms, as well as area parks.  Sometimes, cities sponsor classes at their parks, providing locals with a way to have fun using the city facilities.…

The Art in Hiking

Artists have long utilized the great outdoors as a catalyst for incredible imagery. Some choose to sketch as they hike. In fact, George Rue, an Appalachian Trail hiker, brought his sketch pad instead of his camera as he traversed the rugged terrain for at least six summers after he turned eighteen.

His story is certainly an interesting one and you can read more about it here, but not all artists are pen and pencil driven. Some desire the ability to create in exactitude the imagery they experience and that’s why they take their cameras with them. If you fit that bill, here are some tips for taking great pictures while hiking.

The Art in Hiking

Tips for Photographing Your Hiking Experience

Undoubtedly, as an avid hiker and photographer you have already chosen your camera and destination. So long as you have also acquired one of the best DSLR camera backpacks for hiking, you should be ready to start your adventure. Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Plan: Understand the geography of the locale you are covering, check maps and trails. Then determine what kinds of pictures you are hoping to take. Will you be focusing on sellable graphics or personal memories? Know the goal and make sure it’s attainable before you even set foot on the first path. If you’re going to national parks you can do a lot of your research here.
  • Inspect: All your gear needs to be charged and in working order. Make sure you check it before you leave the house. Additionally, ensure that you have packed your memory cards and extra batteries. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect landscape and realizing your memory card is full or your battery has died.
  • Support: Hiking is an arduous process and if you don’t bring the necessary support for the endeavor you may miss some great photographic opportunities. Consider adding a tripod to your luggage. Or learn more about monopod/walking stick options.
  • Invest: This might seem like an odd suggestion, but you could always hire someone to carry your stuff. These people are called porters and they will follow you on your hike readily prepared to serve as your personal assistant.
  • Simplicity: Recall the old adage, keep it simple stupid (KISS), don’t take any crazy risks to get that “amazing” photo. The people who are interested in your work are going to allow the landscape to tell its own story and infiltrate the depths of their souls. Take the time to read more about the beauty of simple pictures.
  • Save: While you may be tempted to look at each image on the LCD screen these are times to save the battery. Viewing the pictures will eat up an unnecessary amount of battery power. So, save energy wherever you can.
  • Value: Understand that your life is significantly more valuable than your equipment. The fact is, there are lots of photographers that lose their lives while hiking each year. They push themselves and their cameras/equipment to the limits and sacrifice something of greater worth, themselves.
  • Silence: It’s golden in the movie theatre but it’s more like diamonds in the wild. Animals and other creatures are shy. They don’t want to hear you tromping through their habitats. Be as quiet as you can be, turn off any camera noise that might reveal your presence. You’ll be glad you did.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of suggestions. You can read more tips here.…

Why It Is Fun to Know Your Politics

Let’s face it.  All of your uncles, aunts and friends wouldn’t be raging enthusiastically about politics if there wasn’t some fun to it.  Talking politics and knowing what is happening in your country actually has some surprising benefits to you as a person and can actually give you quite a thrill for your day.  If you want to be more interesting and enjoy life more by being more clued up then it is time to get involved in politics.

politic news

Top reasons why it is fun to know your politics

Make someone angry – While it is never fun when your family or friends are angry at you it is often hilarious and great fun to see someone you don’t like nearly pop a vein over your political view.  Politics is the one topic that can heat up any conversation with anyone incredibly fast simply because people don’t like to be told that they are wrong, that they are supporting the wrong team or that someone else has a different opinion than them for that matter.  If you are clued up on politics you can mess up any politics enthusiast’s day at any given moment jut for the fun off it or to get back at them for something.

Know what is happening in your world – It is actually fun to know what you are talking about when it comes to the world and what is happening in the world.  You always know which figures to support and you always have something to say to just about anyone.

Seem smarter with politics – You feel a lot smarter when you know your facts when it comes to politics and you can strike up a conversation with complete strangers and seem like a clever and enthusiastic person.

Be ready for anything – When you know what is happening in politics you are readier for economic changes that you know will result from certain political influences.

Talk to anyone – Knowing about politics is a fantastic way to improve your people skills because you can communicate with people of any age, culture and background and always have something to say no matter how different you are.

Top ways to stay clued up on politics

Watch the news – Watching the news is super easy because you can simply relax in front of the TV and get an update on all of the latest things that are happening in the political world.

Follow news sites – Reading up on articles about top political figures like Mark Dubowitz is a terrific way to stay clued up on everything that is happening in the world because these political figures are connected to just about anything major that can affect your country.

Follow political figures on social media – By following political figures on social media you will get a quick update on all the changes that is happening whenever you log on.

Join an organization – When you join an organization like the FDD or other political firms you will get frequent news updates whenever they send out newsletters.…

Scientific research leading to medical miracles

If one takes a look at how far we have come with scientific research it would seem adamant that the days of an entire community being wiped out by influenza is a thing of the past. Thanks to scientists working hard every day to discover new and wonderful cures and ways to simplify life it is possible for disabled and chronically ill people to live their daily lives without being too disrupted by their ailments. With attachable limbs that respond to your thoughts and various other revolutionary studies, Dove Press reveals some wonderful information about groundbreaking research. It is astounding what we can do today and how technology and other discoveries have revolutionized medical care.

There are many sources of medical research, experiments and outcomes available online that give those hope that have none. It is amazing to think that a person can use a prosthetic hand as a regular hand with cleverly located sensors. Prosthetic limbs used to give the wearer a feeling of replacing something that was lost but could never be used as a functioning limb. With technology today everything is possible. Take a look.

Scientific research leading to medical miracles

Dove Press contains thousands of medical journals that contain informative articles and information that makes a good read for just about anyone. As an open access academic publisher, Dove Press charges a fee for authors to publish information on the site which gets allocated to less fortunate countries to aid in further scientific research.  When looking up scientific research online you will find some amazing experimental procedures. Here are a few worth mentioning.

Stem Cells engineered to grow cartilage

This process eliminates extensive surgery and assists in the treatment of worn hip bones. Hip injuries can be incredibly hard to live with and surgery usually includes a very long and painful recuperation period.

Sight restoration for the three blind mice

Another revolutionary study presented a form of visual stimulation that caused the growth of optical nerve.  How amazing would it be if this non intrusive method could be used to return sight to those that haven’t been able to see for years?

An antibody drug to control multiple sclerosis

Imagine a drug developed to treat MS, revolutionary to say the least, an illness thought incurable and one that has a great impact on many lives. A disease that affects the central nervous system in such a way that one deteriorates with time. To be able to control this would be amazing.

Introducing sound to those that cannot hear

There are various hopeful projects like a doctor capable of growing a new inner ear or targeted neural stimulation which proves that we are getting closer and closer to treating and curing hearing loss. This would be an amazing experience for people that have never heard in their lives as this will allow them to hear and speak for the first time. These processes are still work in progress but prove to be closer to reality than we think.…

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